7 Signs That You Are Not The Only One…

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Have you guys ever been interested in this one special guy, but deep inside ….in your gut… and soul… felt like you are not the only one he is talking to ?

Well ladies, here are the big most important 7 warning signs, according to a few studies, that you are NOT the only ONE.

1-Doesn’t make plans to hang out with you in public. Just go over his house.

2-Does not kiss you or show affection in public.

3-Dissappears on the weekends (does not text or call back).

4- Does not invite you to hang out with him and his friends

5-Does not introduce you to his parents/family.

6-Does not talk about future plans with you or refuses to talk about the level of relationship you are in.

7- Is sneaky with his phone, never lets you see who he is texting.

Beware ladies, we shouldn’t be wasting our times with those who don’t deserve it.



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