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CONFESSIONS OF THE BRUNETTES is full of brunettes with a few confessions to make. It is the go-to blog for every modern girl; whether she is looking for the latest trends, beauty and fitness tips, to life advice that will help her get through the day. The site was born from a vision of a group of friends who wanted to share their lives and experiences with other girls. 


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My name is Jennifer Morejon and I am a Broadcasting Journalist, with a minor in Marketing. I am the  administrator of this lifestyle blog and I am a vlogger,  fitness enthusiast and I have a passion for fashion & Beauty.


Hope you all enjoy this site and follow us on instagram , xoxo Jen.

Contact: info@jennifermorejon.com

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Hey lovelies! My name is Marialys. I know it is hard to pronounce so here’s an easier way to come around it “Mary Alice”. It was very exciting for me when I was offered to be a part of this blog because I have been very hesitant to start a youtube channel so this is a good start! I am a freelance Makeup Artist located in Miami and currently a student in college studying business. I will be posting all types of blog posts but mainly about makeup because that is what I know best. I enjoy meeting new people, eating, and taking part in spontaneous adventures! I am an indecisive and complicated person to comprehend but a very understanding and open-minded person. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about makeup tips or just about anything else. Enjoy! Xoxo, Marialys

Contact: @makeupbymarialys , makeupbymarialys@gmail.com