Wondering who we are?

BRUNETTE CONFESSIONS is a blog full of brunettes with a few confessions to make. It is an online destination for the full scoop on fashion, beauty, fitness, life and all things Miami. The site is dedicated to the girls creating their future, who might need some help and guidance along the way. With a hint of wisdom and humor we confess our secrets.


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The mind behind Brunette Confessions, Jennifer Morejon. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she is a Journalist at a local TV station and a blogger on her free time. Jennifer is a devoted and hardworking individual who is always up to something. When she isn’t planning a trip, she is planning a new business opportunity. She is a beauty enthusiast and fashion addict, always looking for an excuse to dress up. Not to mention, a fitness junkie. With a determined mindset and witty personality, she hopes to one day become your local reporter on TV and rise Brunette Confessions to fame.


Contact: info@jennifermorejon.com


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Hey lovelies! My name is Marialys. I know it is hard to pronounce so here’s an easier way to come around it “Mary Alice”. It was very exciting for me when I was offered to be a part of this blog because I have been very hesitant to start a youtube channel so this is a good start! I am a freelance Makeup Artist located in Miami and currently a student in college studying business. I will be posting all types of blog posts but mainly about makeup because that is what I know best. I enjoy meeting new people, eating, and taking part in spontaneous adventures! I am an indecisive and complicated person to comprehend but a very understanding and open-minded person. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about makeup tips or just about anything else. Enjoy! Xoxo, Marialys

Contact: @makeupbymarialys , makeupbymarialys@gmail.com