All about my vacation in Jamaica| Vlog

Hi guys!

I recently returned from a mini vacay in Jamaica and I couldn’t wait to share all the details with you guys!

This was my second time in Jamaica. Last year I went to Ocho Rios on a cruise but it was raining all day, and it was for just a few hours.. I felt like it wasn’t enough to really get the feel of Jamaica…. so here I am…. back a year later.

I left June 28th and returned July 2nd. I had such a great time! It was a family trip with a plus one, my friend who joined me.

We stayed in the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril. I had come across this hotel in a travel video on my Facebook feed a few months ago, I was fascinated by it. It looked beautiful! When I saw it was in Jamaica… which is pretty close to Miami… I knew where my next destination was going to be. Very quick and convenient mini getaway.

A very much needed one…

The hotel rooms overall weren’t THAT pricey if you stayed in a “Standard room”.. the villas which are the best part were a little pricier. And honestly, I recommend it to get the full experience that Rockhouse has to offer. This hotel just had a different vibe, not sure how to explain it but it was nice. The food was delicious and the staff was very friendly! It is not an overly crowded hotel which is good, you don’t have to fight with other tourists for good lounging chairs. Also, if you’re looking for nightlife, this isn’t the place. The most popping thing you are gonna get is some fire reggae jams at Pushcart, which is one of their restaurants on site.

One con though… there are a lot of hidden fees …when you get that bill when checking out. BEWARE!

Here is my itinerary:

So day 1, we got to Montego Bay early in the morning and the hotel provided transport (which wasn’t free) to Negril. The drive was a little over an hour, but you had a beautiful view along the way… I fell asleep though. I was awake from 3 a.m. to catch a flight. When we got to the hotel, the rooms weren’t ready so we went to have lunch at the Rockhouse restaurant. The food was delicious there, super fresh! I tried mostly everything on the menu throughout the weekend and everything was A1. After lunch the room was ready. We went and settled in and then went to chill by the pool which lasted shortly because it began to rain. The only day of bad weather though, thank goodness.

Day 2, we hung out in the hotel. I had a mini photoshoot sesh with my friend and then enjoyed the day and the ocean. You have the option of paddleboarding or snorkeling. It’s free to paddleboard, there are two lying around, so if no one is using it… go for it. There’s a small fee for snorkeling gear that you get at the pool bar. FYI pool bar has good food too! Fire cheeseburger! For dinner, we went to Rick’s Cafe. The food was alright but the vibe was great! The place was popping with locals and tourists, and the DJ was playing great music. Definitely must check out this spot!

Day 3, we went to their sister hotel called Skylark Negril Beach Resort. The beach there was beautiful. We had breakfast at Miss Lily’s restaurant on site. We spent the day there and then went back to Rockhouse at around 3 p.m. The hotel provides complimentary transportation from 11 a.m. -3 p.m. If you want to go before or leave after 3, it’s 10$.

Day 4 consisted of snorkeling and jumping from a bridge. So fun! There’s rocks everywhere so make sure to scout the area before jumping from a cliff.

That pretty much sums it up! At night we would eat at one of the restaurants on-site and then walk around or chill.. then go to bed. We would wake up early to really enjoy the day. It was a short trip so we didn’t do any outside excursions. I had already been to the Dunn’s on a previous trip.

Get ready to be one with nature and hear the frogs and crickets sing all night long lol. No but really……..

It was a great time overall and I would love to go again in the future… but with a boo next time hehe.. pretty romantic place.

Watch the VLOG below: