Apartment Tour| Studio Apartment Benefits

Happy 2020 everyone!!!

Decided to kick off the year with a tour of my NEW apartment.

My lease ended on November 2019, so I’ve been living in my new place for about two months.

I am loving the condo/ city vibes. I had to say goodbye to a big apartment… and walk-in closet but it was worth it. The new apartment is a studio, which I was iffy about for a few reasons but so far I’m loving it.

If you are single and want to live efficiently (save that $$), since studios usually go for lower prices, I RECOMMEND.

If you like anything you see, let me know down below and I”ll find the product link for you.

Studio pros:

  1. Smaller place to clean
  2. Less electricity used/ cheaper bills
  3. Less furniture needed
  4. Cheaper rent

Studio Cons:

  1. If you cook (which I don’t), everything might smell
  2. Less closet space or space for junk
  3. Sucks if you usually have visitors over, everything is exposed.