#AskTheBrunettes| How to balance work, school and gym time + Guy trouble Advice

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This week we had two questions!

Here is the first one:

“How did you ladies fit time for the gym while working and going to school? I personally do not work, but I do go to school full time and have two babies and cannot find the time or energy for gym at the moment. But I’m dying to figure it out. My alone time is precious to me, especially at the gym.”

Here is our advice:


Here is the second one:

“So I need help I’m sort of with two guys and I don’t know who to pick one of them I haven’t met… But the other one I’m with everyday basically the one that I haven’t met lives in tally and we have an amazing connection which is so strong which I don’t think I’ll ever have with the guy from Miami even though I really like him.”

Here is our advice:


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