Balancing a busy life and fitness? What?

Okay, I totally get it. We all either work, go to school, have errands to run 24/7, and maintain friendships/relationships. It ain’t easy being healthy with so much happening each hour of the day. The ugly truth is that we need to cram some time for working out and eating healthy in our day. I personally, am a gym freak. But for those who don’t really want to go to a gym, a simple way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to sprint/jog for 20 minutes every day around your neighborhood. But don’t forget to have a nice and healthy meal after. The fact of the matter is, that you should eat healthy every day but I know it could be difficult – trust me, I have an obsession with food. All it takes is some motivation to eat well and create a habit out of it. If you’re tired of eating out during the day, you could easily meal prep the night before. Slap 4 pieces of chicken breast on a cooking pan and boil some sweet potatoes; this process won’t take more than 30 minutes. Once the food is done, easily separate them into 4 different plastic containers. There you have it…4 healthy meals that’ll keep you energized all day and will have you feeling good about yourself. It takes 21 days to create a habit out of something…stick through those days, I promise it gets easier…and the results are worth it ladies!

Much love,

Kathy G.