Bring Out The Leather

Goodbye summer, hello fall !

It’s time to swap your sandals for some booties, but let’s be real ….. I live in Miami, there’s a slight probability of suffocation if you ditch the summer clothes altogether. It really sucks that here in Miami we really can’t enjoy much the change of the seasons. We can literally go tan and hit the beach in the middle of Winter. It would be so nice to be able to wear cute coats and boots out though.

If you are from Miami or a resident in a not-so-seasonal area, this is the perfect fall inspo outfit.  Leather comes out to play in the fall. I will admit this is the first leather item in my closet,  I always thought it looked nice but felt like it would be uncomfortable to wear, and of course I wasn’t wrong. But hey, if you wear it on a nice breezy day out or a night out, you’ll be fine. So you can mix and match a leather item with just about anything for the ultimate Fall outfit. I decided to pair it with a denim blouse because I actually really liked how the two look together, they complement each other nicely. I actually found this top in my mom’s closet, not going to lie. She owns so many basics that is so easy to pair with. Most of my clothes are either really conservative or really provocative lol. I need more in-between clothes hehe.

Now for the shoes..these booties are the most uncomfortable shoes ever lol. They look comfy but I was literally smiling through the pain. But ugh, they are so cute! I couldn’t get myself to return them, so I will just keep them and wear them for occasions that don’t require much standing or walking. Beauty is pain! #Thestruggle

As you can tell, I’m pretty simple. I love jewelry but it depends on the outfit. For this look, all I was wearing was black tassel earrings, which you can’t really see with my dark hair lol.


 Mua: @makeupbymarialys| Photog: @raydrizziee | Location: Brickell