Brunette Confessions Takes on NYFW!

If you follow me on social media then you already know, I will be attending NYFW for the first time this year!

I’ve always dreamed of going but didn’t actually think it would happen so quickly. I’ve learned that if you really want something, just make it happen. It was pretty spontaneous and I want to share with you in this post how I made it possible, so one day one of you who decide to go in the Fashion/PR/communication direction, can attend as well!

The first thing I did was get informed. I googled “how to attend fashion week”, and I found my answers. I then booked a flight without even confirming an event attendance because lets be real, flights are pricey and time was ticking. After the flight was booked, I found the fashion week schedule that listed all the designers per day.  I made a list of which ones I wanted to attend. The ones that had contact info , I contacted and presented myself and asked for an invite. I got a few replies and I was able to confirm 3. I could have actually gotten more but I want to enjoy the city since it is my first time in New York.

I then looked for a hotel that was located in a convenient area, and I found a good one in Time Square. Shortly after, I put together an itinerary for the week. Mind you, this was all planned out in like 4 weeks.

The hardest part,  I’ll definitely have to say is the shopping for clothes. I had no winter clothes so I had to buy a lot of coats. On top of that, I had to figure out what to wear for each occasion and make it look super trendy and stylish. It was challenging….

I am leaving this Friday and I am excited! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to watch some behind the scenes! And stay tuned for my itinerary and Vlog post after the trip!

P.S Don’t be afraid to take risk, you never know until you try.

Photog: @johannaalt | Location: Coral Gables

Outfit details:

Tops: Pretty Little Thing

Bottoms: Tobi

Heels: Fashion Nova