Client Appreciation Post And Makeup Rants!

Client Appreciation Post And Makeup Rants!

Hello ladies! I want to write about how blessed I feel to be able to do what I love and share that talent with people who appreciate what I do. Being able to meet different women from all ages is definitely my favorite part of this hobby of mine! I have met and made many friendships throughout this time. I am very thankful that all my clients have been very good to me and never give me a hard time!

I can say that making you all feel beautiful with the art of makeup is a very amazing feeling! I’ve had many people (usually male haha) tell me how they do not understand why girls get their makeup done to only have it on for a couple of hours. I always back that up by saying that every woman deserves the right to enhance their beauty and feel good about themselves every once in a while. That should never be judged!

One thing I truly despise is when people assume that women wear makeup for men or because they are insecure! What ever the reason may be, you never know that. If enhancing your beauty with makeup makes you happy then so be it! Do not listen to what they say because those are just words coming out of peoples mouths! If you want to be truly happy, don’t let all that negativity get to you and you’ll be at peace! I never wear makeup throughout the week because I just love touching my face and find it really uncomfortable. But, honestly if it wasn’t for those reasons I’d have my face beat all day, every day! I never pay attention to those talking bad about me or my work because at the end of the day, those people just want to see you fail. The only opinions that should matter are your own and those you know who truly care about you and have their best interest to see you succeed!

Back to my beloved clients! I’d love to make a list of names but there are too many of you! You guys do not understand how much love I have for you guys. Whenever I am going through something tough, just being able to hear different experiences and advice you guys have to offer just never fails to make me feel better. Being able to give you young girls advice on school, love, makeup, family, and friends makes me feel great that you guys are able to vent and have someone give you a different perspective than the people you are used to!

I want to take some time to thank those who compliment my work! You all are appreciated because it makes all my hard work worth it. Knowing my clients are satisfied and happy with my work means the world to me! It really is a pleasure to meet you all! You all take a really big part of my life and I am eternally grateful for that!