Finding Your Friend’s BF With Someone Else

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“Hey ladies! I’ve been in love with your blog since day one and thought who better yet to ask for advice than the brunettes? (I really hope you guys choose my question) Okay, so, my best friend and her boyfriend have been dating for 3 years already and we’ve all been really close (including my boyfriend, we’re always double-dating). But lately, he’s been really sketch on social media. Suddenly, he stopped posting pictures of her on instagram and snapchat, and every time we’re out his phone goes off and he always ignores it. Last weekend, my boyfriend and me went to Sidebar and I’m pretty sure I saw him with a girl who wasn’t my best friend. The place was dark and he hid as soon as he spotted us. I don’t know how to tell my best friend or to just confront him myself. HELP ME!!

xoxo, A.”

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