Guide To MMW & Pool Party Outfits

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year….

Miami Music Week has arrived and so has pool party season! I am a big fan of pool parties and EDM music so I get pumped when this week comes around.

This year I don’t have a set plan but I do have a few parties I want to go to. Normally, one will check what DJ is playing where and build their plan and then purchase tickets for the event. My friends and I on the other hand…. just try to see which ones we can get in for the free lol.

Find some of the event schedules here:

Another part that I love is the attire, It’s fun walking around in a bathing suit and wedges, with a cute coverup. Especially when it’s like 100 degrees outside.

Honestly, I just attended one pool party last year due to the lack of time I had but this year I plan on attending more. I learned a few things last time and I thought I should put together a little guide for you girls who might be attending for the first time this year.


1- Wear a comfortable bikini

One you can move in and won’t fear having a nip slip or anything else slip out.

2- Wear a heat proof coverup

I wore a long sleeve coverup last year… I almost died…. 2 minutes in and I had to take it off and walk around half-naked.

3- Comfortable heels

I know heels make the look but they can be so painful…. choose wisely. Remember it’s a lot of standing up and a lot of dancing.

4- The less you take with you, the better

We got stuff to carry.. yes.. but it can be annoying when you start getting hot and don’t want to carry your purse anymore and have no where to put it.

5- Save your phone battery

Either take an extra charger or use battery time wisely…. I know we all want a lit Insta story and/or snap.

6- You will get hit on a lot

Be prepared .. there are a lot of tourists.. you are basically half naked…. you will get hit on a lot…

7- Makeup is not worth it

We all want to look on fleek but listen…. 10 mins in and you will be sweating a lot…. literally had 5 pimples last year when I got home and took off the little bit of makeup that I had left. Try to stick to the basics; maybe some eyebrow pencil, concealer and eyeliner will do the trick. You’re going to have shades on most probably anyways…

8-Have fun and be safe

Pool parties could get a little ratchet.. so have fun and be safe (:

Hope this helps for the first timers!

Outfit Details:

Bathing Suit: Gabriela Pires

Skirt: Brandy Melville (years ago)

Belt: Pretty Little Thing

Sandals: Aldo

Photog: @raydrizziee | Location: South Beach