Happiness Within Yourself

Have you ever questioned your happiness? Have you ever really asked yourself, What makes me smile? What makes me joyful? What gives me satisfaction? What truly makes me love the life I live. As I sat alone by the poolside last Sunday afternoon, I began to think. Thoughts of all kinds came to me, but one in particular made me question just about what I consider to be the most important thing In a persons life; happiness. I have reached the conclusion that we live our lives depending on others to feel all types of ways, especially, happy. We depend on others opinions, words and actions to smile daily or to shed one or a few tears. We base the one thing that truly belongs to us and only us on the unimportant actions others have in our lives. We wake up every morning and set aside without giving much thought the things that truly make us happy. I for one, sat alone and put together all of the things that overall make me feel like no person can.

The sweet aroma of my favorite perfume06db9737afddd42a78ae1b49aba473ef

Songs that describe my life

Anything Chocolate

Achieving a goal

Knowing what to order at a restaurant


Summer Beach days

Drinking a cold glass of water

Dancing to my favorite songs

Being alone

Expressing myself

Good Comedy2bfee63312ac42511b26afc872051ffb

Bathing Suits

Feeling Accomplished

Lazy Days

Cold Nights





Jumping inside a pool

These are just a few of the things we take for granted every day. We let People around us influence and affect our daily emotions but that should only happen to a certain extent. Before accepting your happiness with their presence in your life realize that people come and go. The ones that are here today, may not be here tomorrow. Learn to appreciate the simple joys and details that life brings. Be happy on your own before you can be happy or base your happiness on someone else. The day will come where you will find yourself sitting alone, by the poolside on a Sunday afternoon and you will realize that your happiness depends first and only on yourself.