Here’s how my video went viral on TikTok

Funny story time for you guys!

I am going to give you kind of like the background story behind it because it’s pretty funny and kind of just chat about how or why it probably went viral.. if that makes sense.

The video is up to 9 million views right now and this probably was thanks to other videos where I used the buy tik tok views services, so Ill start to tell you the story on how it went viral.

I went on a cruise with my friends, Freedom of The Seas, Royal Caribbean, it was a weekend Cruise so like four days three nights.

The first night, they had like this big party at one of the bars and it was literally the end of the night it was already like at 3am.. there was barely anyone left in that bar it was pretty much just my friends and I. We were a really big group, basically took over the whole damn bar at that time. So me and like a few other girl friends (the ones in the video) we were like sitting in the back, there was like these little tables and we were just sitting there and then the birthday girl come up and says “ let’s take some shots” and we were all like pretty much sober and sleepy at that point so we’re like “no we don’t want”.  She’s like “give me your cards” because in order to get a drink at the cruise you need to individually give your ID boarding card with the drinking package or your debit that is programmed in it.

To please to birthday girl, we gave the cards.

She walks up to the bar to order and then I go to the other girls like “let’s hide from her let’s see what she does”.

Mind you she was not alone in this bar we had other friends and guy friends that were all like surrounding the bar. Everyone was spread out she was not alone okay, lets me make that clear because a lot of people on The TikTok comments were like “why would you do that to your friend”. SHE WAS NOT ALONE.

So then the other girls were like “yeah yeah let’s hide”. We ran to the side, there was an opening that led to the restrooms.  So we just hid there on the side and then all of sudden one of the friends she comes out of the bathroom like “hey what are you guys doing here?” We’re like “hide, hide, she’s gonna get some shots we don’t want any shots”. 

Then out of no where the birthday girl pops out and everyone screams LOL. 

Long story short (full thing in the video), the video blew up after a few days on TikTok.