He’s Just Not That Into You

He’s Just Not That Into You

Sometimes we become blind, and by blind I mean; not being able to see or identify when a guy truly likes us or when he is just not that into us. I recently watched the movie “He’s just not that into you” and let me tell you how it was a big reality check in my life. I never realized how many times I had become blind. Us females (as well as males, but this blog isn’t about them) tend to go around thinking that we may possibly have a chance with every guy we set our eyes on. WAKE UP ladies! Sometimes we lay our eyes on people who may not exactly want to lay eyes on us and instead of realizing and moving on we start making stuff up. We go around making up excuses as to why he’s being the way he’s being and not giving us the time of day. What girl likes to admit that a guy just didn’t like them enough? (cricket, cricket) . It becomes extremely hard to realize that the guy we want does not want us back so we become blind. The excuses vary from “He probably likes someone else”, to “It’s probably because of his girlfriend” (oppss). In other occasions we become so deeply blinded that we even start using the same excuses the same guy gave us to justify why things aren’t working out. It goes like, “He’s always working”, or “He’s always studying”, “He’s scared of commitment”, “He just got out of a relationship 2 days ago”. From the first excuse to the last, excuses are excuses and if you find yourself ever making one up or saying one of these, then it is probably time for a reality check.


Here are a couple of the signs that show he’s just not that into you

  • Is a total jerk
  • Acts like he doesn’t care
  • Does not reply to your texts
  • Never calls you on the phone
  • Never invites you anywhere
  • Does not want you to be around his friends
  • Does not show public affection
  • Tells you he’s working at all times
  • Tells you he has to study at all times
  • Tells you he is scared of commitment
  • Tells you he doesn’t want anything serious
  • Still contacts his ex
  • Never talks about the future
  • Never wants to go inside your house to meet your parents
  • Never talks about you possibly meeting his parents
  • Ignores you when he sees you in public

If you are the girl of his dreams, the happiness to his soul, the butterflies in his stomach then there will be no doubts and no excuses. He will show you just how special you are to him and how much he likes you. If he 2ce2fb9efa968cde40abeaaa956a0156aa9412b2c183968b1a21ffe0eb710657doesn’t then ladies it is time to stop making up excuses to your friends as to why you’re at home on a Saturday night watching sad movies and eating ice cream instead of with the guy you claim is totally in over his head for you. Chances are that 95% of the time he does NOT like you enough.