HoHoHo Merry Christmas!

HoHoHo Merry Christmas!

Merry belated Christmas everyone !

Hope everyone had a great Christmas filled with lots of love and happiness.

This year the festivities took place at my grandmother’s house. I pigged out on the fire lechon asado and catched up on life with the cousins.

How I miss Christmas as a child. Everything was 10 times better. The 25th was a day that I looked forward to the entire year. Waking up that morning was such a bittersweet feeling. Now, my mom sucks at hiding gifts and keeping secrets so I get all my gifts before lol. Also I used to feel so much more festive during the holiday season and now I don’t. This year I didn’t feel it at all. I think it’s because I literally work each festive day, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year’s eve and New Years day. And not at a regular time my friends….. at 2am weekdays and 5am weekends…. it’s tough. Don’t ask me how much sleep I got in. But hey, sacrifices have to be made.

So my look for Christmas eve this year wasn’t what I had planned. I actually ordered a really cute plaid dress from Fashion Nova but it never arrived on time.. It’s been like a month and I still haven’t received my order.. I’m very mad.

This one got the deed done though. It looked so cute, and I got lots of compliments. Guess how much I paid! Like $15, perfect steal from Missguided.