HOME DECOR ON A BUDGET| Amazon, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Target

Guys.. this is my 4th apartment in the matter of like 3 years. *signs*

I absolutely hate moving but here we are.

This time around, I decided to completely change my decor style from my last studio apartment decor: https://youtu.be/Il8crW3_RdU

I went with more neutral/ wood vibes.. there must be a name for this style but it’s not coming to mind right now lol. Any who.. I was on a very tight budget this time so I went on a hunt for good cheap minimalist pieces. I had some furniture from my last apartment but was missing some essentials.


Couch (y’all I don’t know why I thought it was like $200 .. my jaw dropped)


Black Rack

Adhesive phone wall mount

Laundry Baskets

**what’s not listed, I couldn’t find.. they were randomly found in stores:( **