How to approach a girl at the gym

Ehhh….I have mixed feeling about this….

Hey babes,

We are back at it with the ASK THE BRUNETTES ! I’ve had a few questions waiting to be answered and we finally got around them.. If you submitted one, our response will soon arrive! Hang in there lol!

So this question seems like it was asked by a guy…..I low key love when guys participate and ask for our advice! We are here to help hehe…

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :

“So i see you girls have a how to get his attention at the gym. But some of us guys know the negative reputation that comes with attempting to approach a girl at the gym. So what would you girls think is the best course for a guy to approach a girl At the gym. Basically what are some of the subtle things a guy can do to spark that interest in a girl at the gym!”

Check out our response below: