How To Clean and Sanitize Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean and Sanitize Your Makeup Brushes

Hello, lovely readers! Today, I am touching upon one of the most important things people do not notice when it comes to makeup and how unsanitary it is for us ladies not to wash our brushes every now and then. Brushes pick up bacteria from the times you use it on your face and just sitting there picking up dust. So, using the excuse that you never use your brushes is not acceptable because they do pick up dust and bacteria from the surrounding air.

Since I have clients, this is something I am used to doing almost every day so trust me when I say that I understand how annoying and tedious this can be but it must be done!

Now, here are different ways in which I have washed my brushes:

Materials: (How I wash my Brushes today)

  1. Rubber Hand Glove


For a more economical price you can get:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.38.09 PM

2. Baby Shampoo

This can be purchased any drugstore or convenient store


3. Rubbing Alcohol & Empty Spray Bottle

This can be purchased in any drug store or convenient store


Now, for those of you who do not want to purchase those materials, this is another way to clean your brushes from stuff I guarantee you guys have at home:

  1. Dish Washing Soap


2. Olive Oil



  1. The water you are using to wash your brushes; make sure it is hot
  2. Wet your glove
  3. Add either dish washing soap or baby shampoo onto the glove
  4. Wet your brush
  5. Now start cleaning your brush on the glove in soft circular motions
  6. Rinse your brush with water once you see the soaps color is white and you see no makeup on the brush
  7. Squeeze the hairs of your brush softly to dry and structure the hairs of the brush to its original form
  8. Repeat steps for your other brushes

Now, you can choose to skip this step if you just use your brushes on yourself, but, I sanitize my brushes with alcohol because I do use these brushes on many different people.

  1. Once your brushes are damp just spray the alcohol to the hairs of brush and let them air dry

And you’re all done! Hope this post helped!



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