How to Fake an Expensive Wardrobe

Look like a million bucks without wasting a million bucks.

There’s just a certain satisfaction that one feels when they are wearing expensive items. I think it comes with a feeling of life accomplishments and that you’re in a good state to buy yourself something pricey. It’s a little hard to describe the feeling. In general, it just feels good to feel boujee at times lol. I’m guilty….

For those in college or starting a career, money might not be flowing nicely yet but I’ve learned a few tricks here and there that definitely makes me feel and look like I have a nice stack in the bank.

Here are a few tricks:

1- Invest in statement pieces

Don’t waste money on an item that everyone has a knockoff of. For example black pumps that are designer brand for $500, and you can find the same looking pair for $50 and their not designer. Or branded $300 jeans that no one will ever know they are designer because they look like any other pair. Buy designer purses that you will be using often, expensive sunglasses and accessories. But for clothes, stick to the cheap ones unless it’s a statement coat or something of that sort.

2- Signature Fragrance

This is an odd one but there’s nothing more attractive that someone who smells good! Smelling good makes you look and feel clean. Invest in a pricey signature fragrance.

3- Don’t repeat outfits

Unless their basic items. I’m so big on this, I don’t remember the last time I repeated an outfit. I cringe, it’s a problem lol. That’s why I tend to buy cheap trendy clothes because I will wear it once and then sell it online.

4- Keep up with the trend

Before shopping for clothes, check what celebs are wearing and what is in this season. I shop online a lot so once I know what’s in style, I search through my favorite stores like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided and a few others.

5- Always have a nice manicure and pedicure done

This is a pet peeve of mine. I go crazy when my nail polish starts chipping. My nails can never not be done. Having your nails done is a sign that you have your life together and take very good care of yourself lol.


Hope this helps<3