How to get a guy’s attention

How to get a guy’s attention

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“Hey brunettes I’m in a lil bit of a bind. There’s this guy at my gym who I could tell really liked me he would always try to make eye contact with me and always worked out close to me. I didn’t give him the time of day because I had a bf and I just didn’t find him that attractive. Well I ended up changing my gym time and I didn’t see him for about two months. My bf and I broke up and I started going to the gym again at my old schedule. I saw him and he’s gotten a lot bigger and I think he’s really sexy now. The problem is he won’t even look at me now and he’s doesn’t workout by me at all. I think he’s mad because I ignored him all that time. I went FBI and looked him up on social media and he doesn’t have a gf. What should I do?? I really like him. sorry for the punctuation I just finished an essay and I didn’t want to deal with it lol. 

XOXO dont take guys for granted.”

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