How to get out of a funk| Become more positive, manifest

First of I was editing this video, I realized how badly I sucked at explaining lol. It was my 3rd video shoot of the day and it appears I only had one brain cell functioning.. so before yall come for me, I wanted to put myself on blast lmao.

But in general… these are some GREAT tips and I REALLY wanted to share.

This week’s video is for those who have felt out of funk lately, have zero motivation and simply feel a little lost.

This has been me in the last few months. I found myself a little lost in my late 20s, and I have accepted that ITS OK to feel that way and accept those feelings. Now that those feelings have been acknowledged and accepted, it’s time to shift the mentality and figure out what is next.

There are the top things that I have been doing that have helped improve my flow.

1.Download an affirmations app.

This will help improve your mood, feel assured and more positive.

One key thing when trying to manifest is speaking things into existence. Many who preach manifestation often say ” fake it until you make it”. Basically, you believe so much what you’re saying.. it can become reality.

Those with money who came from nothing, CHANCES are they manifested their life without even realizing.. always believing they were going to be wealthy.

2. Keep a Manifestation journal, write every day.

There are a bunch of videos out there explaining the ” best” way to journal or manifest. I strongly believe you have to find what works BEST for YOU. This can’t feel like a bother — every morning when having to write. It only takes 5 minutes or less to get the deed done.

I personally like to write “3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things I want to attract, 3 affirmations”

KEEP in mind when you are writing what you want to attract, BE SPECIFIC. The universe doesn’t know you want a brunette boyfriend, if you ask for a boyfriend– he might throw you a blonde. LOL dumb example but you get the point.

AND ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL FOR ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, this also helps when switching negative thoughts to positive, remembering what you have and what you’re grateful for.

3. Read books, listen to audiobooks and podcasts

NOT just any though.. books related to self-help, spiritual, and positive habits.

There are a bunch of podcasts out there related to these subjects but the ones I currently listen to are It’s Me Tinx and Dear Gabby.

( If you have recommendations, send them over sis!)

Gabrielle Bernstein books.. just wow… preach. Super Attractor is one of my favorites and I need to re-read soon. I remember reading it when I was trying to get my dream job and I DID GET IT.

4. Meditate, relax the mind, set intentions

Youtube has great free guided meditations, I love to meditate before bed. Sometimes, I prefer playing on blue leo casino whenever I want to have some fun.

5. Fitness

According to Mayo Clinic, physical activity increases the production of your brain’s feel-good endorphins.

Say less Mayo.

A walk.. gym .. anything physical will make you feel good about yourself and THAT’S FACTS.

6. Eat that cheat meal (dinner with friends on a night out is great for the soul)

And also eat healthy.. it’s a lot about balance. Trying new foods– for me — it triggers joy.

But.. so does eating healthy.

7. Get an emotional support animal

The reality is.. it’s annoying to have an animal but the companionship is A1. Also, it helps build a routine for you. For example– if you don’t like to exercise, you will be forced to go on walks.

The love that dogs provide.. it’s incredible.

My Goldendoodle is my shadow and I can’t imagine the last two years without him (YES he is a COVID pup, and I felt lonely and going through a heartbreak.. so my solution was to get a dog… don’t tell my mom).

And honestly, if you’re in a bad mood… you see the dog doing something silly– your mood will shift 100%.

8. Do vision boards

Whether it’s yearly or monthly, do them! They are great for motivation and help for manifestation and reaching goals.

I want to end this article with another tip, one I forgot to add on my list and it’s a TOP for me.

DO anything that triggers JOY for YOU.