How To Get Over A Breakup

Three words: It gets better.

At first it will be tough, of course. You were with this person for a long time and you loved them, it’s normal to feel hurt. But I believe everything happens for a reason. If the relationship ended, life has another path for you. We live, learn and grow from experiences. Put the good and the bad memories to the side and think about the future in a more positive way.  Take every heartbreak as a lesson, whether it was your fault or his, you now know better.  A lot of us have this imagery of “the one” but for some reason, our instincts are very wrong. We don’t realize it at the moment, but we will when the real “one” comes around.

Don’t cry for these clowns girl! Go out with friends, have fun, yolo!

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :

“Hey girls I need some advice on how to get over a breakup even when you still love the other person. I’ve been struggling with a recent breakup and it feels like the pain is never going to go away, especially since I thought this guy was “the one” he was like no one that I’ve ever met which is why I fell so hard for him. I could really use some tips on some good ways to keep busy and keep my mind off of the breakup because right now things have been very difficult for me.”

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