How To Make Friends In Your 20s

It is possible.

Ladies, this is why you should never forget about friends when you have a boyfriend. Friends are there forever, if you build a strong relationship with them…and guys on the other hand.. come and go. Bros before hoes! It applies to us the same way.

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :

“Hey Girls

so I just got out of a six year relationship and I kinda lost contact with my freinds after high school and focused all my attention on him thinking he was the one and my best friend moved far away for college ( I know bad ) but now I find myself doing everything by myself and just wishing I had some friends or girl time once in a while but how do you make friends in your 20’s ? its weird its not like we are not in high school anymore. I feel like making friends with someone in your 20’s is hard because everyone is always like hi and bye lol ( including me) and this one friend I did stay in contact with always wants to do stuff with her boyfriend cause she claims she’s broke and he pays for everything so he has to come along! (WACK) but I’m not trying to feel like a 3rd wheel I wanted girl time ! I don’t want to hang out with both! I don’t know what to do. ( me and this girl totally like different things now and she calls me her best friend ) but she always hits me up to hang out with me & I’m trying to distance myself from her because we are just totally different but it’s not working lol she keeps inviting me to do stuff she knows I don’t like to do. I believe this is 2 issues in one lol.”

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