How To Manage Anxiety

Breathe, it will all be fine.

Hey girls,

I am back at it with the ASKs! I was finally able to film a few that I had pending. Sorry about the delay! I always find myself apologizing lol, is that when life happens.. you know… you gotta do what you gotta do.

For this week’s ask we are touching up on the subject of anxiety. I did a post a few months back about how to deal with stress and anxiety, here is the link if you want to check it out for more tips:  TIPS TO MANAGE STRESS AND ANXIETY

Also, we have someone new joining me in answering this question! My bestie, Kathy G. We have known each other since we came out of the womb and attended the same elementary school. From there we went on to go to the same high school and college, and obviously never lost touch. And now… we are hear.. ready to share some 22 years of wisdom with you all lol.

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :

“Hey girls

I know u guys don’t do this type of question but I would appreciate it a lot if u guys can help me giving me tips or remedies on anxiety n panic attacks issues. Thank you”


Check out our response below:


P.S. Please excuse my wrinkled curtains lol.. they are new… and the camera movement, I had some technical problems:(