How To Perfect Your Cat-Eye Eyeliner

Join the cat-eye on fleek fam!!!


Hello ladies! I’m super excited to finally post my first tutorial!

I thought it was most important to introduce tips & tricks on how to perfect your top eyeliner. Most of my clients usually complain about how they have no idea how to apply their top eyeliner. The cat-eye eyeliner is an essential part of a makeup look. So here are pictures and explanations as to how you can achieve a clean- sharp top eyeliner

Step 1: So, first conceal your eyes with a skin color eyeshadow primer or a concealer for a fresh look!


Step 2: Now, I like to start the top eyeliner from the inner corner. You do not have to drag out that sharp line like I did, but that is just how I prefer it! Depending on your eye shape, just drag it out just a little and try to leave the end sharp with no edge because it would not look as great! P.S. it took me awhile to perfect that but as long as you practice it you will get it in no time!


Step 3: This step is easy! just drag it from the inner corner the end of your eye. Remember ladies, keep a steady hand and eye for a straight, clean line! (Mine does not look as clean but I promise it looked good in person haha)


Step 4: PAY ATTENTION! This is the most difficult part that takes some practice to perfect! There are still times I do not get it right. When drawing out the cat-eye make sure you’re facing the mirror and looking at what you’re doing in a straight angle. Don’t stretch out your eye with your fingers! You have to draw it out with how you usually keep your eyes and that is looking straight ahead! Carve out the line from the end corner of your eye, up according to the natural shape of your eye. (Use a straight brush, tweezers, etc. to get an idea of where your cat-eye should lie)


Step 5: Once you finished doing that, I bring in the eyeliner from the tip of the cat-eye. I usually keep my eye open for this part so however I draw it is how it’ll look with my eyes opened! If you do it with you eyes closed or pulling on the skin, when you open, it might look different. It all depends on your eye shape.


Step 6: This step is simple! Just fill in the gap with eyeliner


Step 7: Now, we all are not blessed with the amazing skill of creating perfect lines. If you want a sharper end for your cat-eye just use a brush with concealer or a makeup wipe to make it look clean and sharp! (I used Mac Prolongwear Concealer in NW20) & BLEND BLEND BLEND that concealer!



Step 9: Here is the ending result with mascara and false lashes!

10 11


I hope you guys enjoyed what I put together! Remember, you might not get it at your first try! It took me a lot of practice to be able to perfect my eye liner skills! Once you get the hang of it, it won’t be as hard to have your cat-eye ON FLEEK!

Products used:

Eyeliner Tartes tartiest clay paint liner with the brush it comes with:


Concealer: Macs Prolongwear Concealer in the shade NW20:


Mascara (My favorite for years now!) Loreals Telescopic mascara:


False Lashes I used are from House of Lashes in Pixie Luxe