I Am ALIVE …Sorry For Ghosting

I Am ALIVE …Sorry For Ghosting

Hi girls !

Its been so long……… I hate it 🙁

Guys, life is hard with work, fitness, school, sleep and trying to maintain a social life in the midst of it all. I love this blog and I have big hopes and dreams for it and I won’t let it die out. I am officially done with school for the semester and I will  be finishing and graduating in the Summer. I only have a few classes left and boom, I will be entering the real life of an adult. Time flies…. it is crazy….

Anyways here are some updates and some things coming soon:

  • I will be leaving to Spain to study abroad next week, for 3 week. Very excited for that ! (Mainly for all the fire pics that ama be posting on Instagram, hehehe). I will obviously be doing a Vlog of the whole trip.
  • New Tips and Tricks will be coming next week.. hopefully… if time permits.. and I don’t procrastinate.
  • When I come back from my trip , ASK THE BRUNETTES will be back! So leave questions in the category.
  • I will start incorporating a lot of more fitness videos soon!
  • I am going to start posting natural beauty DIY!
  • And I plan to start doing a lot of COLLABS… so if you have any ideas.. reach out to me at info@jennifermorejon.com

I think that is all for now.

Thank you guys for the love and support<3

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Talk to you guys soon,

Xoxo, Jen