I used CeraVe products for a month, changed my skin!

At the beginning of this year, my skin went through a bumpy path.. literally.

I had previously been using a skincare routine that had showed results… until it no longer did.

From one day to another, my cheeks began getting bumpy… like an allergic reaction but not looking like a typical rash. Since I didn’t know what product may have caused it, and my laziness to go to a dermatologists.. I decided to do some research on my own.

That research led me to CeraVe face products. AND let me tell you… the holy grail…Hallelujah.

In just a month.. maybe weeks.. by skin completely changed, back to normal and even better.

After trusting the brand with my face.. I gave some of their other products a try as well.

If YOU fee like your skin routine isn’t working and want to hit a ‘reset’ button with basic and effective products, give CeraVe a chance.

This sounds like a commercial haha, I swear this is not sponsored.. I just really in shock with how effective this was for me.


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