Kardashians Inspired Look

Kardashian Vibes.

After years of having this coat in my closet, I was finally able to wear it! I love duster coats, they just look so nice! In Miami you will low key suffocate with it but I was finally able to wear a few that I had for my New York trip.

This look gave me strong Kardashian vibes, I was definitely digging it. It’s super simple to put together and perfect for a day out or night out. The jeans are from Free People, the body suit is from Fashion Nova I think. The duster coat is from Boohoo and the boots are from Gojane.

P.S. The pictures weren’t so great because it was one of the coldest days, the sun was coming down and Sophy (the homie taking the picture) was literally about to freeze to death lol.