Life with a Goldendoodle | Breed 101

It’s Zimba’s world and I’m just living in it.

He’s an F1 STANDARD GOLDENDOODLE. I believe his mom was the poodle and the dad was the golden with reddish fur.

Zimba is standard but medium.. not sure how to explain lol. He’s BIG but not FULL size like a typical ‘standard’. His mom was medium sized. (which I’m glad but I can’t imagine how I would handle him if he was any bigger.)

Life with this bear is fun but tiring!

He is like a little human inside a dog body lol.

Before deciding on what breed I wanted, I did my research and read/ saw a lot of pros and cons about Goldendoodles.

Since I’m allergic to dogs, I had to find a hypoallergenic one .. another factor I was looking for was size. Ive had a small dog and this time around I wanted one bigger.. that would be a little more active.

I wanted to share my experience with you guys in case you’re not sure about the breed.


  1. Needy, wants attention, clingy
  2. A toddler, grabs and eats everything
  3. Very smart and curious
  4. Trains and learns fast
  5. Too hyper and active
  6. VERY friendly


My fav DOG essentials: