Mario Badescu- Anti Acne Serum Product Review

It has been 50 years….

I am finally back…

Hi guys!

So much has happened in the last few months that if I start listing, this will turn into a life novel. Sadly, I had to put everything on pause and get my life together for the 20th time and I am back .. but not for long…. just kidding…. I hope I’ll be around longer this time lol.

Anyways, long story short… I got a new job within the last few months, left Miami, moved out, found a place, put my place together, and attempted to catch up on a year of missed sleep (I used to work graveyard shifts). Things have finally begun to settle down so here I am, back at it.

Meanwhile my life was changing… I was trying new products to be able to share with you guys eventually. One of the products I tried was an anti acne serum cream from Mario Badescu. I have heard really good things about them so I gave some of their products a try.

For this serum, I didn’t actually buy the full bottle because I was scared that it wouldn’t work and I would have bought it for nothing. So I got a tester of it instead.

Let me tell you….. it worked wonders. Every time I saw a red bump coming, I would put a bit of the gel-like serum on it and the next morning it was gone. Poof!

Like it wasn’t even there to begin with.. no trace…

I really recommend it, especially if you are one of those who just get the occasional pimple here and there. This will stop it from forming and having to deal with a pimple and its mark for a week.

PS. Sorry about the audio…. my new apartment has echo lol….. and the lightning and crazy hair weren’t looking their best on camera…. I’m working on a new film set that will make it better….. haven’t filmed in a while, wasn’t in my best shape apparently lol. 


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