Is He Wasting Your Time?

Take your time..

Once you’re boo boo.. you won’t be boo boo the fool again.. am I right? Jk, who am I kidding…. We will keep being boo boo because we will make the same mistake again. We can’t help it lol. But after two times..or three….. I think we will get the point, learn the lesson and slow down our roll.

I really like this question! I think it’s very good to bring it forward and speak about it, because sadly we live in a world full of smart dogs that know how to fetch fast. (Hope you catch my

Honestly, you just have to take your time when meeting someone, really get to know them. Also, don’t go out looking for a future hubby because it won’t happen, you will step on shit 5 times before finding “the one”. Be smart, play your cards right and be patient.

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :

“Hey girls. Need your insight. So I’ve been single for 4 years now and it seems like every guy I meet only wants to sleep around and leave. I get that we’re young and not many guys in their 20s are ready to settle down, but it’s exhausting going through this with every single guy I talk to and confusing to me that I can’t seem to find a man who just wants to be with me. I see some girls hop from relationship to relationship and don’t know how they do it so easily! I know I’m not perfect but I don’t think I’m that bad either. I used to blame myself but it can’t be. What’s up with these boys? Have you ladies experienced something like this? “

Check out our response below:

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