Miami Swim Week 2017 Vlog

Miami Swim Week 2017 Vlog

It is that time of year again…….the time of year that makes you regret everything you have eaten the past month… as you are sitting down watching models strut their summer bods down the runway, in itsy bitsy bikinis.

Miami was packed last weekend for the yearly Swim Week festivities. This was my first year attending and it was a fun experience. Not going to lie, I fangirled a bit everytime I saw a celebrity. I was extremely tempted to ask for pictures lol… such a newbie hehe. And OH BOY was it HOT outside! It was an oven. My hair was cooking and my face was melting… how do these celebrities keep it together and look fab attending all these events one after the other….what is their secret?! What type of sorcery….

Anyways, I only attended events on Friday and one on Saturday because home girl works early mornings in the weekend and she was dead. I saw the show for Silvia Ulson, KOA Swim and KAOHS on Friday. KAOHS had to be my favorite of the night, no doubt!  On Saturday, I attended Planet Fashion’s show and their designer showcase event consisted of back-to-back different brands. My camera was acting up and unfortunately I couldn’t get that many pictures and video in. I think it was the lights from where I was sitting…

Hopefully next year I can attend more events and record more for you guys!

Hope you guys enjoy the video and pictures (all original footage btw)!

Until next time!