My Current Top Shows On Netflix

I eat, sleep, work, Netflix and repeat.

It is my guilty pleasure. I work out watching Netflix, I shower watching Netflix and I drive watching Netflix. I can’t stop lol, especially if I start a good series.

I have watched, most probably, more than half of Netflix TV shows. I love watching TV series, I get so involved in each show that I feel part of it lmao. I can’t be the only one… I did a similar post a few years ago but I just listed all the shows I had watched and believe me, it was a lot ! This post is different though, I will be sharing my Top 7 that I have watched recently. It was suppose to be Top 5 but I couldn’t control myself… I like to many. I have a problem.

1- El Señor De Los Cielos

If you have Hispanic parents, I guarantee you that they have watched this on TV. This show is soo good.. like soo good.. It’s in Spanish though. It has like 7 seasons with like 50 episodes each. Might be exaggerating but the point is that it is never ending and I love it. The longer a series is, the more I like it. This one deals with Narcos.. so if you liked the series Narcos, you will love this one. (BTW Hot actors!)


So good! It’s teen drama and mystery.

3- Scandal

I want to be Olivia Pope. Baddest B in the game.. who wouldn’t? I felt like I should have became a lawyer instead of a reporter when I was watching this series.

4- Jane the Virgin

Ahh such a cute series! And so funny ! It’s like drama, comedy, crime and mystery all in one.

5- Jessica Jones

Another bad B on the block. I’m a big fan of Krysten Ritter so I love her character in this show. I’m also a big fan of super heroes and comics’ shows so if you are as well, I recommend.


This series is crazy.. and the characters are wild.. but so good ! You can’t stop.

7- Walking Dead

I had a stage where everything I would watch was about zombies. I love it ! I think I am ready if an apocalypse comes around.

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