My Experience With Lash Extensions (since 2016 )

I don’t think I can live without them.

I began testing this beauty treatment out in early 2016…. It is 2018 and I am still getting them done every 3-4 weeks. Honestly, in the beginning I was a little iffy about it because I kept hearing about different experiences that people have had.

I think it is extremely important to find that one person that does them really good and just sticking to them. At one point last year I began to test out other lash experts and it was a disaster, I ran back to my day-one girl.

My real lashes grow really fast so I know they are down there healthy and semi-strong. I actually have a serum that helps them grow fast and stronger,  so I sometimes put it on for their sake. You will not lose your real lashes people, only way that will happen is getting them done with a bad lash person or pulling the extensions out.

I take extremely good care of them so they last very long, sometimes I only do it once a month.

Warning: once you start, you can’t stop. They may be pricey but straight up, you get what you pay for.

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop doing them. I feel like a little boy without them lol. It is an extremely addictive beauty treatment because it just make life so much simpler. You don’t even have to wear so much makeup, your face just looks naturally nice. I used to spend about an hour trying to put falsies on when I was going out. What a mission!

My lash lady in Miami is @facexcape . Check her out and let her know Brunette Confessions recommended (; .

I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon, hehe.



Have you tried them? How was your experience?