My Favorite Ab Workout

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Hello lovely readers,

Tonight I want to do a post about one of my favorite ab workouts that helps maintain this stomach flat ( after some Panda Express or Los Verdes). Ever since I began to do it, my stomach has been flatter than ever. It definitely builds up core strength and muscle. Here are some vids of me doing it.

First thing, as you see in the videos – you must have a bar or something to hang from. Hold on tight and concentrate on that core, As you bring your knees in, try to keep your body in place and not swing like a monkey. The tighter you hold , the better ! You can bring your knees in aswell as do leg raises (feel the burn on your lower abs and in the middle of your stomach), also go side to side (works on obliques and helps build that nice V cut) 5 sets of 10 reps will do the trick. Try it out ladies ! #gymtipsbyjen

Xoxo jen.