My NYFW Experience + Itinerary

I am back!

Hey babes, I am back from New York! What a trip it was ! I got to enjoy the city during the day and its nightlife.  I spent the entire 5 days running back and forth trying to see as much as I could. And of course, we were making it late to the fashion shows most of the time, I blame the Cuban in me, always late to everything.


I had a great time, I mentioned before that this was my first time visiting NY.  Now as far as the fashion shows go, it was a nice experience but I don’t recommend anyone going to NY just for Fashion Week unless you are someone in the industry. It’s not the same to get invited to a designer brand that everyone knows than being able to only get into a low key brand that you didn’t even know about. Yes, you get a peek of what it’s like, but putting a trip together for low key shows in general isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t go to Fashion Week again unless I am a someone in the industry and get invited to the big shows.

I’m going to post below the link to my itinerary, it is a little messy but understandable lmao!

NY Fashion Week 2018 Itinerary