Plaid And Simple

I don’t think plaid has ever been out of style.

It might be a fall and winter pattern but honestly, I wear it all year round. You are not going to catch me in the middle of summer with a plaid flannel on though. I own two red patterned plaid flannels and honestly it is my go-to when I am wearing a really short dress or shorts, I tie it around my waist. It’s such an edgy pattern too and if you know me… you know I like edgy. There was a time that my entire closet was black and gray, full of skulls and dark graphic tops. I wouldn’t dare be caught wearing white or pink. But now… Is like I’m a whole different person. Once I started playing around with different styles and colors, my wardrobe has definitely changed. I’ve come a long way honestly. Now white and blush are my go-to.

Back to this outfit; so since I live in a hot and humid climate, I wanted a fall inspired look that won’t have me sweating as soon as I step out of my house. So I picked something plaid because it’s a fall trend, duh. The actual outfit I had in mind was a mini plaid dress or sleeveless plaid flannel dress, that wouldn’t require me to wear shorts under but as we can see that didn’t work out… the top wasn’t as long as I was hoping for. But any who, it still somewhat worked out.

Plaid and simple indeed, all you need for an easy fall outfit is plaid and thigh high boots. You can never go wrong with thigh high.. even though I cry on the inside every time I wear them. They are very uncomfortable and every time I have worn them on a night out… I end up spending the night at the club sitting down because I can’t feel my poor toes.

I paired this look with my cute blush Tory Burch cross-body bag. I have a thing with purses… that’s practically the only thing I buy designer. Sunglasses are from Quay, I love the rose gold color and shape of these shades. At first I felt like they were a little too much for my thin face but the more I wore them, the more I fell in love with how they look.

Mua: @makeupbymarialys| Photog: @raydrizziee | Location: Brickell