Product Review: Acne Facial Cleanser- Mario Badescu

Mhmm… NEXT

Hi guys,

I have been using the acne facial cleanser from Mario Badescu for the past few months to test it out and….. I have to give it a thumbs down. It dried out my face way too much and didn’t do much for my heat bumps. I didn’t break out heavy or anything, so it might have kept that in check. But then again… I rarely ever do.

I kept using the product because I wasn’t going to have 15$ go to waste, I just had to moisturize heavy after lol.

I do plan on checking out some of their other cleansers. The prices are AMAZING, so why not! (:

PS. Sorry about the audio…. my new apartment has echo lol….. and the lightning and crazy hair weren’t looking their best on camera…. I’m working on a new film set that will make it better….. haven’t filmed in a while, wasn’t in my best shape apparently lol. 

Check out my full review below!