Relationship and Self-Esteem Advice

Relationship and Self-Esteem Advice

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I know it’s been a while, sorry for that :(. Here are 3 questions that we had pending. Enjoy and leave any questions you may have in the ask category<3

Here is the first question:

Hey girls any advice on getting over someone you’ve been with for so long ? I’m trying to get over a relationship of 5 years but when things are not good between him and I, I tend to feel sick (loose appetite) (can’t focus) it’s just horrible. I’ve tried working out hanging with friends but it’s just so difficult. I always find myself trying to go back and force things when I know it’s just over. 


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Second question:

Hey girls! So I have been talking to this guy for a few months who just told me he leaving to the military in a couple of months if he’s accepted. I’ve done long distance before in one of my past relationships .For over a year and it must say it wasn’t easy. I really like him and want something … maybe it’s just bad timing for us. I don’t know if I should end it now before getting more emotionally involved or just continue as see where it goes. Any tips ? Xoxo

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Third question:

Hey girl!
I’m really hoping you could shed some light on my current situation. I know most, if not all girls have a really bad habit of comparing themselves to other girls and if done too often it can totally get to your head. I’m in that current situation, only that it is happening with a really close friend. Not only does she have an amazing body but she is always getting attention. ALWAYS. I try not to mind it but lately I can’t help it. I know this has to do a lot with self confidence and what not, but Im not really the type of girl to think ill of herself. This whole thing is really starting to affect me, especially because we are so close. Any advice?

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