SET PRODUCTIVE HABITS IN 2023 | Level up with these healthy habit Ideas!

New year, new beginnings! Happy to be back here with you guys.

I’m sharing the top habits I want to pick up in 2023 to be more productive and become the best version of myself.

These are some habits I’m setting:

  1. Get on a schedule
  2. Declutter home
  3. Declutter iPhone monthly
  4. Quiet time during gym and in general, find comfort in silence
  5. Organize screen time
  6. Be more consistent on Youtube
  7. Read before bed and read a new book every 2 months
  8. Meditate before bed
  9. Vision board every 3 months
  10. Practice journaling and gratitude
  11. Be mindful of self-talk — be kind to yourself and others.
  12. Positive mindset always