Study Abroad In Spain Vlog

Study Abroad In Spain Vlog

Hey girls,

I am back in the states! My trip was amazing and it was definitely a great experience. I’m not going to lie though, it was a little too long for my taste. I missed home. Theres nothing better than Miami to me.

But overall, I totally recommend if you are in college to go study abroad! It was an amazing experience to grow and meet new people, and learn about the world and the different cultures. I’m low key in debt, but hey it was worth it.

So I recorded a lot while I was over there… maybe a little too much. I tried to cut as much as I could for my vlog and it still ended up being pretty long. I was there for a month so it explains hehe…  Hope you guys enjoy the video. I wanted to wite the names of the different places I visited but the video moves along pretty quickly. If something catches your attention and want to know what it is, let me know! Slide through the comments(;




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