The bigger the hoop…| #TrendAlert

Hey girls,

Unfortunately, it has been a crazy week and I didn’t have the chance to film. I’m leaving to Vegas in a few days and I’ve been getting ready for that, plus work on the side.. it has been crazy. But when I come back, I have some cool new video ideas and projects in works!

SO, back to this post… It is all about the hoops. I don’t know about you guys but I have never been a fan. I have always liked little stud earrings. Every time I attempted to wear hoops, I felt like I was back in elementary. I felt kind of chongi and even like a pirate lol.  Usually when I would wear them would be for a pirate halloween costume. I would see celebs rocking them all the time , like Jennifer Lopez, and I would be like dam … I wish they looked that good on me.

Recently I have been playing around and trying new things , so I have been taking them out to play and not gonna lie, I am liking them. I think its just something to get used to since I was not really used to seeing myself wearing them.

I feel like it looks great with a casual or going out outfit, especially when a necklace or chocker doesn’t go quite right with the outfit.

How do you guys feel about this trend? Are you joining the hype?