The Struggles of Watching Makeup Videos and Not Getting the Gist of It

Do you sometimes get frustrated when you watch a make up tutorial and copy each and every step, then look at yourself and wonder why you look nothing like the girl on the video? I know you have gone through that struggle. We all have!

Most beauty gurus do not do such a great job at explaining each and every step. My tip is to observe and listen. You need to do both because only using one of those senses will not direct you to your goal. For instance, when watching a video practice each step patiently and do not give up! You will notice when you’re doing the makeup and you think it looks terrifying, you might give up and wash it all right off. But, I suggest you keep on until the very end because I promise it all comes together quite nicely.

I have watched many beauty gurus in the past, many great to many bad ones. I just really enjoy watching the ones who can explain and emphasize on each and every step they take with the makeup. Unless you’re a visual learner, rule out all those beauty gurus who do not talk in their videos!

The trick to all concepts of makeup is knowing how to blend. Makeup is an art and some of us are born with it and others take longer learning all the tricks. No matter how natural or dramatic a makeup look is, if you blended the makeup right, it will never look bad!

“You blended way too much.” Said no makeup artist ever!!

When it comes to makeup, you need to get rid of the mentality that all expensive makeup is always better than the drug store makeup. I use from drug store to high end products and a good 50% of the drug store makeup handles the job way better than the expensive brands. One thing that does contradict that statement are makeup brushes. When ever you are looking for brushes, I do not recommend buying those kits of 50 brushes for $12.99 on ebay or amazon. It’s guaranteed that you’ll choke and die of all the shedding those brushes do.

I got off topic there for a second. But, I conclude this by saying that practice really does make perfect! If you really want to learn, you will!