Things I wish I knew before becoming a reporter/MMJ || Career Tips

This one goes out to my fellow aspiring reporters.

Hi Guys!

I get asked a lot to do videos about my job and being a reporter… so I thought it was finally time to put something helpful out there.

Also, I realized there’s not much helpful content out there on the matter.

Below are a few things I’ll be reviewing.

  1. How hard it is to get into the field
  2. Not glamorous 
  3. Very dangerous.. life in danger/ working solo
  4. Always working .. not much vacay
  5. Journalists are Poor
  6. Reputation off duty


  1. Do your research.. like the area and coworkers and management
  2. Don’t compare yourself to others.. be persistent.. know your self worth
  3. Work smarter not harder 
  4. Positivity is the key.

Hope you guys found this video helpful! If you have any video ideas, feel free to drop in the comments.