Tips to manage stress and anxiety

There’s no such thing as a stress-free life.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more stressed than the last few months. I’ve just wanted to give up so many times, especially with grad school. But then I remember I have paid about $20,000 for classes, so I rather not lol.

I tend to bring stress upon myself though,  I’m one of those who is always up to something, I don’t stay still. There was a point I had 3 jobs and went to school, for no reason. I don’t know what I was thinking honestly lmao.

Anxiety is something that a lot of millennials struggle with also, the constant pressure to succeed can be overwhelming. When I get anxiety, I go on a rampage of plans. I plan a trip that I’m not going to end up taking, I spend a few bucks online and I apply to 2873 jobs just for the hell of it.

Stress brings negative thoughts and what-ifs to your mind. How I manage to mute these thoughts is to try my hardest and think positive. Also, the gym helps ALOT. It is my main stress and anxiety reliever. When people become stress, they usually over eat, this is BAD. Don’t do it, you will feel worst.

I just need to learn how to relax when anxiety hits and say “no” to things, and make time to just lay in bed all day and watch Netflix.

How I cope with stress:

-Don’t put things off, deal with them.

-Going out and partying might not be the best way to handle stress but honestly, it helps me a lot.


-Turning on some tunes; 2000s pop and hiphop, or bachata is my go-to playlists.

-Watch a good series on Netflix.

How I cope with anxiety:

-Indulge in self-care: eat healthy, get sleep, take care of your body, take care of your emotional wellness and social and spiritual needs.

-Be grateful , this is also something that studies have shown can change the brain to be more positive and happier.

-Disconnect from technology.

-Deep breathes.

-Go out with my girls.

-Working out ,duh.

-Self love.

I need to start taking some time off and disconnecting, that’s on my New Year’s Resolution list.

When stress and anxiety comes knocking on your door,  remind yourself WHO YOU IS. Whatever is stressing you out or giving you anxiety, deal with it or get rid of it.

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