Top 4 Outfit ideas for this hot summer

Summer is here and it is hotter than ever. Whether you are going to class this summer or on a casual outing, the heat cannot be outrun. As soon as you step out the door, the hot air will slap you in the face. We have all been through the struggle of finding the perfect outfit for this weather before stepping outside. Here are the top 4 outfit ideas that will make you feel stunning, confident and you cannot go wrong with this summer.


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Find a dress that fits your style. You may like the Bohemian look or the trendy Chic. Depending on the occasion, pair it up with some nice wedges, sandals or casual converse for an early morning college class. Wherever you go, the heat will not affect your stylish look.

2- Rompers

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This is another outfit that will leave you feeling comfy and fabulous. Overalls are back ladies and they are looking better than ever. It is such a simple but cute outfit to put together. All you need is a pair of overalls, whichever crop top and some nice sneakers or sandals. What a quick and easy outfit. Whether you are wearing a simple plain romper or a casual flowery one, you will look great once it is accessorized to your taste.

3- Shorts and a Top

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A simple pair of shorts and a top can go a long way with the right accessories. Once again, you need to find the style that fits you. Are you chic? Are you classy? Are you preppy? Are you edgy? When you are aware of the style the suits you and the occasion, the perfect summer outfit will come together.

4- Gym Clothes

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For the athletes, like me, gym clothes are another outfit idea for this hot summer weather. There is just something about gym clothes that makes you feel good and comfortable. You will never look bad in gym clothes; that is a fact. So when you don’t feel like getting all dressed up and afraid of looking like a bum, just throw on some gym clothes.

Remember, summer must be done with style ladies!