Top 5 Fashion Mistakes Of The Year

Hey loves,

For this week’s video I did a collab with my friend, Maria Fernanda. We met in grad school and she’s a blogger as well. I thought it would be a cool topic to discuss some fashion mistakes because she’s from Venezuela and I’m from Miami, so maybe we would have different perspectives on the subject. Get ready for a glimpse of my hispanic side lmao!

Throughout this video I also realized how much trends from years ago tend to come back. It’s amazing and makes you feel a little nostalgic lol! Growing up, I thought the things we would wear in the 90s were so stylish and now I look back and think “wtf was everyone thinking” lol. Nowadays we wear some styles from the past but with a modern twist. I can’t imagine what the future will look like… they will probably look back into 2017  and think “wow, what were they wearing”. It’s definitely the circle of life. 

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