Top Lies Men Say

Who’s the best liar though?

A few months ago I did a post about “Top Lies Women Say”. Now this time around, it is men’s turn.

Honestly, some of the fiction that flies out of their mouths can be quiet convincing, which may leave you either feeling overly suspicious, which will make you go a little psycho or leave you believing it. Some really do deserve Oscar awards for the wonderful act.

Ladies, always follow that gut feeling inside when you feel like something ain’t right.

For this post, I asked my followers from all my social media platforms to submit some of the top lies and here is the list of the most common ones. (Mostly girls this time ! LOL)


Here are a few of men’s favorite lies:


“You’re the only girl I talk to.”

Truth: You are one of the 5


” I know her from high school.”

Truth: We boned a few times back in the days.


“It’s going to be different this time”

Truth: It will be the same.


“You don’t have to worry about her.”

Truth: Worry, she’s a problem.


“I swear there’s no one else.”

Truth: Most probably there is one.


“I was busy.”

Truth: Doing ?


“I was working.” (not during his work hours)

Truth: I was busy doing something bad.


“She’s just a friend.”

Truth: A friend who I would like to bang.


” I love you.”

Truth: Ama shut you up with this.


“Yeah I understand.”

Truth: I don’t, but I don’t want to keep listening to you.


“I’ll call you.”

Truth: You will most likely not receive a call.


“She’s not that pretty.”

Truth: She’s pretty.


“She’s like my sister.”

Truth: She is not like a sister, she’s a very good friend that I want to bang.


“You’re right.”

Truth: You are not right but I want you to stfu.


“I’m getting divorced.”

Truth: I am not leaving my wife for you.


“I’m not drunk.”

Truth: *Slurring his words*


“I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

Truth: I just want to bone and dip.


“Let’s just go with the flow.”

Truth: This flow is going to end up down the drain.  (There’s no flow ladies….. run…)


“I always wrap it up.”

Truth: Hits it raw most of the time.


“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Truth: It’s you.


“I’m not that much of an asshole.”

Truth: Only a complete asshole will say this.


“Trust me.”

Truth: Don’t.


Their size.

Truth: No comment lol.


“I had no signal.”

Truth: I had signal but didn’t want to answer you.


“My phone died.”

Truth: It was very well alive but I didn’t want to talk to you.


“Sorry, I missed your call.”

Truth: I saw it and ignored it.


“This weekend I’m not going out.”

Truth: *Woman snoops*.. *Finds his head on his friend’s snap. *


“I’m going to sleep, goodnight.”

Truth: I’m tired of talking to you.. I might go out and I don’t want you to bother me.


“I have high standards.”

Truth: He doesn’t.


“Have we met before”

Truth: Never, he is actually trying to meet you.


“You’re the only one I want.”

Truth: And ____  .



Truth: I’m really not .