Top Lies Women Say

Top Lies Women Say

Imagination, life is your creation.

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Now to the good part….

At this point, lying is a way of life.

Everybody lies, men and women.  Listen, it doesn’t make us bad people; for the most part we are good, but sometimes we just have to throw some in. It is in our nature. It helps us in different kinds of situations. Some are not even bad, they are just little white lies that we can’t control and they come out.

For this post, I asked my fellow followers from all my social media platforms to submit some of the top lies and here is the list of the most common ones. #relatable

P.S. I find it so funny how most of them were submitted by guys lmao!

Can you relate?

“I’m fine.”

Truth: Nah, I ain’t.


“I’ve never done this before.”

Truth: Honesltly, I may have.


“I’m almost ready.”

Truth: Fam I just started, I need another hour or two.


“I’m not drunk, I’m good.”

Truth: I am, oopss.


“I wasn’t expecting anything serious with him anyways”

Truth: I did in fact. I thought he was the one.


“He didn’t hurt me.”

Truth: I’m extremely butt hurt.


“I promise I wont get mad.”

Truth: Just wait for it, I’m bouta get real mad.


“I don’t really get jealous.”

Truth: *Sees bae liking a female’s picture and makes him delete her along with a bitching.


“I have a boyfriend.”

Truth: I am not interested.


“I want to take it slow.”

Truth: I don’t want to be easy but we all got needs.


“I’m over him.”

Truth: Whenever I’m not thinking about food, I am thinking of him.


“I’m not mad at you.”

Truth: I’m still hella mad


“It wasn’t that expensive.”

Truth: I’ll be in debt for the next 4 months, yolo.


“I don’t tell my friends anything, this is between me and you.”

Truth: *texts the squad chat and tells them everything.


“I’m on my way.”

Truth: I’ll be leaving in like 20 minutes.


“I’m never talking to him again.”

Truth: Talks to him the first chance I get.


“I don’t feel good, I have a headache.”

Truth: I feel gucci, just not in the mood to get frisky with your ass tonight.


“Whatever you want.”

Truth: I better get what I want.


“I don’t lie.”

Truth: Sometimes could be a professional liar.


“I’m not going to stress it.”

Truth: I am stressing it.


“I’ve never gotten that before.”

Truth: Every guy tells me the same thing.


“That’s a good size babe.”

Truth: Mhmm I’ve seen bigger


“I’ve been with only __ guys.”

Truth: Nigga you thought, your ass is never getting my real number because I’ll never be getting yours.


“You the best I’ve ever had.”

Truth: Ehh you come in second place… maybe third actually.


“Sounds good, I’ll let you know.”

Truth: You’ll never be hearing from me.


“My ass is real.”

Truth: I may have gotten some work done.


“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Truth: It is definitely you.


“I hate you so much.”

Truth: I don’t but I wish I did.


“Let him text me, ama leave his ass on read.”

Truth: *Responds in 1 second.


“He’s only a friend.”

Truth: We’re talking and we’re getting frisky but he isn’t ready for anything serious with me so I have to call him my friend.


“I have nothing to wear.”

Truth: I have so much shit I can wear that I don’t know what to pick.


Him: “What’s wrong?”, Women: “Nothing.”

Truth: Something is definitely wrong.


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