Twenty-Two Things I have Learned


In honor of my birthday, I wanted to share 22 things that I have learned in my 22 years of life.


1- Family before anything.

2-Always believe in yourself.

3- Strive for greatness.

4- Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone or anything stop you or bring you down.

5- People will disappoint.

6- Bros before hoes.

7- Make the most out of every moment.

8- Never stop making memories.

9- Cherish those around you.

10- Be nice (still working on this one lol).

11- Time will make you wiser.

12- Patience is the key.

13- Everything happens for a reason.

14- YOLO.

15-Money is the motive.

16- Don’t have beef with anyone. Get along with everyone.

17-Karma is real.

18-Love who loves YOU.

19-Never give up.

20-Take every bump in the road as a lesson.

21-Appriciate every moment, everyone, everything.

22-Love yourself.


Thank you guys for being a part of another year of my life. <3  Happy Halloween!